Friday, February 27, 2009

Works from the open air gallery "Kupferdiebe" in Hamburg

"Kupferdiebe" means translated "copper thieves". => "The copper thieves present Hamburg's first open air gallery".

Plate below: "The copper thieves take care of it. Because they are the gang in this district, the Gang district. Hamburg's oldest district." (I suppose they refer to the district called "Gänseviertel" where the gallery is situated)

Plate below: "Welcome to Hamburg's first open air gallery. Contribute as well to make this yard nicer and more colourful. Keep to wooden boards."

Inside view of the yard.
"Kupferdiebe" seems to be an open air gallery in Hamburg (near Gänsemarkt). I took these photos last year in July, sorry to post these so late !!! I haven't been there since so I guess it might look different now. It was curious since I came accross this place by accident and was positively suprised to find lot's of great stencils there !

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Stencils from Tona and Los Piratos at the Kupferdiebe gallery

More stencils from ASA at the Kupferdiebe gallery


Surely a work of the Altona Stencil Artists !

At the first glance, the stencil on top might be a bit difficult to see. Go a bit further away from the screen and you will see it. It's really good work!

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Mix from the Kupferdiebe gallery

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stencils from ASA at the Kupferdiebe gallery

I think that these ones are from Quasikunst.

The gollum could be from PiRho, but I am not totally sure.

I think that these ones are from the artists from ASA, the Altona Stencil Artists, the German branch of the WCA. I love and admire their technique !

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The giant stencil from Berlin !

I came accross this giant stencil of an astronaut in Berlin on the backside wall of a house. I hope you can capture the size of it on this photo. It was really amazing so see such a huge stencil and I would have loved to see how it was done ! Great work !!!


stencil from cut & go

Another lovely stencil I saw in Berlin.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Emporte-moi stencils

These were paste-ups that I saw in Berlin, all by "emporte-moi" which means "take me with you" in English. I haven't seen these anywhere else than in Berlin. I am not sure if the name refers to the Canadian/Swiss/French movie from 1999 with the same name but it looks a bit like.

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Berlin Stencils 1

And yet some more stencils from Berlin ! One of my favourite cities of stencils !

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Berlin Stencils 2

The first one is some publicity for the website reclaim your
And there is an hommage to the German actor Harald Juhnke !

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Berlin Stencils 3

These stencils are all from the same artist. I only came accross them in Berlin so far. Does anybody know more about her/him ?


Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Reverse Graffiti Project

This a short documentary about a technique called "reverse graffiti" or "clean tagging". The artist, "Moose" is the pioneer of this technique and uses natural methods and natural cleaners to create a large scale mural in San Francisco by cleaning pollution and dirt from the walls of the Broadway Tunnel. The film was directed by acclaimed documentarian Doug Pray who recently directed the full length film "Surfwise". Take a look ! I think it's quite interesting. More content can be found here.(Thanks a lot for telling me about it !)


Stencils from Vienna 1

These are stencils from a short trip in Vienna, Austria. The first ones look like the style of artiste-ouvrier. And it looks like Ripo was here ! Does anybody know more about Leluk ?

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Stencils from Vienna 2