Friday, February 27, 2009

Works from the open air gallery "Kupferdiebe" in Hamburg

"Kupferdiebe" means translated "copper thieves". => "The copper thieves present Hamburg's first open air gallery".

Plate below: "The copper thieves take care of it. Because they are the gang in this district, the Gang district. Hamburg's oldest district." (I suppose they refer to the district called "Gänseviertel" where the gallery is situated)

Plate below: "Welcome to Hamburg's first open air gallery. Contribute as well to make this yard nicer and more colourful. Keep to wooden boards."

Inside view of the yard.
"Kupferdiebe" seems to be an open air gallery in Hamburg (near Gänsemarkt). I took these photos last year in July, sorry to post these so late !!! I haven't been there since so I guess it might look different now. It was curious since I came accross this place by accident and was positively suprised to find lot's of great stencils there !

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