Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stencil Nation book out on 1st June 2008 !!!!

Some great news ! The Stencil Nation book will be on bookshelfs from 1st June 2008 on ! You can order it online. Check out more on the website - link here - and also see some samples, also some photos that I contributed ! It seems that it is really a great book that you MUST have as a real stencil fan !!!!


stencil Mix from Dr. Hofmann and Fragil

Here is a mix of stencils I came across walking through the streets of Barcelona. The skulls are from Dr. Hofmann. The other two are from Fragil. I specially like the last one, it was in the window of an empty shop.

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stencils from Double-P

I have recently been contacted by someone from Korea telling me about a (stencil) artist called DOUBLE-P. It seems that he works mostly in Seoul, Korea. His stencils remind a lot of Banksy.
Does anybody have more information about Double-P ?
The photos have been submitted by Jin. Many thanks!

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