Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stencil blog Rural Markings

Check out the blog Rural Markings ! It's from a stencil artist from a small town in northeastern Indiana, USA. I specially love the stencil titled "FEAR".


New stencil web !

To all the stencil-freaks out there: a new web-site about stencils from everywhere has recently started: - International Stencil Archive.
Check it out, it already contains a collection of some great stencils !


Berlin Mix I

I went to Berlin recently. There you can find apart from stencils all kind of street art, specially around Prenzlauer Berg.
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Berlin Mix II

The German phrase above translated into English means: The smarter gives in so many times until he ends up being the stupid. Well, it referts to a German phrase that originally goes: The smarter gives in.
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