Saturday, October 03, 2009

Stencils from C215 in Rome, Italy

I was lucky to come accross several works of the French stencil artist C215. I adore his works, the details are so great. Check out his website on myspace here.

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Blogger Xavi said...

The style of C215 it's awesome.

Nice blog.

9/10/09 19:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice art!!!


15/10/09 02:14  
Blogger TonTon said...

great documentation of stencil-art! like it!

C215 makes awesome pieces, such a high level of detail...

12/11/09 22:17  
Blogger unimportant said...

Nice blog. Thanks for collecting these.

2/12/09 03:41  
Blogger Frank said...

Feliz 2010 from Uruguay !

4/1/10 10:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stencils are a great medium to convey the message the only thing that is so hard about it is the cutting process

20/1/11 10:46  
Blogger Kenny said...

Hi, can i have your contact please?


8/5/11 23:13  
Blogger bananna said...

HOLA!!from spain cadiz) i like it .. this blog very nice .. me e tragado todos los links ya jeje me encanta el STENCIL!!! yo estoy comenzando, i´m starting in stencil. my Post my blog: thak you!!

17/5/11 20:33  
Anonymous stencil marking said...

great job of stencils work......

30/4/12 14:04  

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