Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Reverse Graffiti Project

This a short documentary about a technique called "reverse graffiti" or "clean tagging". The artist, "Moose" is the pioneer of this technique and uses natural methods and natural cleaners to create a large scale mural in San Francisco by cleaning pollution and dirt from the walls of the Broadway Tunnel. The film was directed by acclaimed documentarian Doug Pray who recently directed the full length film "Surfwise". Take a look ! I think it's quite interesting. More content can be found here.(Thanks a lot for telling me about it !)



Blogger Frank said...

hola que tal?
Te informo que ink on the wall cerrĂ³ y el contenido sera publicado en exordium. Intercambiamos esos links?

11/2/09 12:26  
Blogger Dalaiama said...

Hello Maia!
This post is nice :)
Just you say this artist is the pioneer of this technique and I'm not sure about that.
A long time ago I remember to have read in the newspaper that a brazilian artist Alexandre Orion already did the same. You can check it out at
The first time I heard about Alexandre Orion was some years ago in Tristan Manco's book "Graffiti Brazil". By that time he still didn't do reverse graffiti...
Cheers ;)

20/2/09 14:44  
Blogger MAYA said...

Hi Dalaiama, thanks a lot for your comment ! I actually didn't know about this technique until someone had sent me an e-mail about it. I liked it and that's why I had posted it. I watched the video you mentioned and it is pretty cool. So then it might be this Brazilian artist that came up with it, who knows !
Thanks, Maya

22/2/09 15:29  

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