Saturday, October 25, 2008

Urban Affairs Berlin 08 - part 1

When I was in Berlin this year, I was lucky to take a look at the Urban Affairs Berlin 08 where several stencil artists sprayed their works at an old brewery. Stencil and street artists such as DOLK, ALIAS M-City took part in.

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Blogger K said...

I’m so damn jealous! You’re really lucky! I’d love to see something like these great works… but unfortunately there’s nothing new and worthwhile here…

And how are you? I hope everything’s fine. I miss you and Victor. And Hamburg. And my chicken soup, of course! I’m still waiting for you to come visit me…;]

Kisses and hugs

30/10/08 17:59  
Blogger Frank said...

Son todos Increibles !!!!
Podrías agregar mi sitio en tu lista de enlaces ?

2/11/08 11:37  
Blogger lol internet said...

i love the DOLK piece!!!!


4/11/08 10:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hola Maya,
Soy Eva y trabajo en la agencia de comunicación We Are Social.
Bueno, en primer lugar, felicitaciones por tu blog.
Y en segundo lugar, te escribo porque al ver este blog he pensado que puedes estar interesada en un proyecto de colaboración artística único a nivel Europeo que forma parte del lanzamiento de Ford. El proyecto se llama “This is Now”.

Si quieres saber más información, no dudes en ponerte en contacto conmigo en eva.garcia[at] y te comento todas las opciones de las que dispones para participar.
Mientras tanto, un saludo muy atento :)

8/11/08 10:22  
Blogger Vince said...


2/12/08 03:12  
Anonymous Jones CSR said...

hey i run a social network for graff artists, would you like to do a link exchange?

the URL is

shoot me an email if you are cool with it.

4/12/08 07:13  
Blogger Sknij said...

great job!

19/12/08 00:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great blog you have here. good DIY street art and graffiti content going on.

if you are looking for tips, tricks, techniques, secrets etc for street art, stencils and graffiti check out my site:

30/12/08 06:09  
Anonymous Melanie said...

very good Stencils ( in german ) Wandschablonen

Stencils und Wandschablonen

3/1/09 00:05  
Anonymous Wandschablone Wandschablonen said...

Super sache

26/1/09 22:12  
Anonymous Keilrahmen Acrylfarben said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

26/1/09 22:13  
Blogger Tone said...

What a nice m-city!!!

9/2/09 03:50  

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