Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stencil Mix from Barcelona

Here are some photos of stencils that I took recently in Barcelona. The one with the kid is from the Norwegian stencil artist DOLK. (Thanks to JJC who is also a big fan of streetart, I got to know where it is). I am astonished that there are still stencils left from DOLK here since he had been to Barcelona in summer 2006.

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Blogger f-code said...

nice blog, im also a stencilist from malaysia. do visit my page at:

1/5/07 16:09  
Anonymous JJC said...

Thanks for the compliment. It was the first time I actually was in that street, I didn't even know it existed before! ;)))

1/5/07 21:18  
Blogger f-code said...

are you also a stencilist?

3/5/07 08:38  
Blogger MAYA said...

Hi f-code! No, unfortunately I am not (yet) a stencilist. So far, I am only taking photos of stencils that I like and post them here. I have been trying a bit to do stencils myself but well, I have to say it's much more difficult than I thought !!!

6/5/07 10:13  

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