Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here are some pics from AMP Street from Bangkok, a group of artists that started in 2002 and is since then actively creating streetart, original tattoo designs and clothing.
Unfortunately, I didn’t take the photos by myself... since I haven’t had the chance yet to visit Bangkok but as an exception, I post the photos anyway because they are really good.
Please take a look at the website of AMP Street that they have launched only recently. There you can see many more of their various works.



Blogger Cam BsAs said...

Hola Maya,

Ya estás linkeada en


22/4/07 17:38  
Blogger :: Vj Zz :: said...

Hola Maya/hey Maya

Amazing Blog!!!

I from Uruguay

:: Vj Zz :: Stencil & More

23/4/07 22:18  
Anonymous coolture said...

quien son esta gente de bangkok? esta ahi su base o viven en europa? es que en septiembre viajamos ahi y nos gustaria tener su contacto

dime algo

17/5/07 15:21  
Blogger MAYA said...

Hola coolture,
viven en Bangkok, la pagina web es y podrías contactar a Chris al e-mail: . Qué envidia me da que os vaís ahí !

17/5/07 19:22  

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