Monday, February 05, 2007

Stencils in Dublin - part IV

Here are some more stencils from my trip to Ireland last December. I specially like the one of the angel, it is very original. I got the tip of the stormtrooper stencil of Star Wars from JJC of the blog "Gotes de lluna", a very nice blog about streetart and more between Spain and Ireland. Thanks again !



Anonymous JJC said...

Just to let you know that the Storm Trooper from Star Wars is now gone, since the structure in which it was found was removed soon after you took this picture.

5/2/07 22:23  
Blogger cheio de truques said...

Hello Maya

Just to say...Congratulations, you have create an amazing Blog of ART.
I add acess to your blog from a blog of a friend of mine (fixacaoproibida). And also I´m in love with Barcelona, where i go wennever i can, because of her magiccal energy.

Keep the faith on your work
and see you one day


6/2/07 20:42  
Blogger MAYA said...

Olá Alex!
Many thanks for your praising :) But well, without the artists this blog wouldn't be possible!
Yes, Barcelona is a lovely city but I have to say that I love LX !

6/2/07 21:25  

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