Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Unknown stencil artist in Dublin (or is it Banksy ???)

When I was in Dublin (Ireland), I came accross these stencils in a shop. For the ones who know Dublin: it was a shop with Jeans and streetwear in the St. Stephen's Green Shopping Center, on the second floor if I remember well. The stencils were on the wall next to the stairs leading to the next floor within the shop. I entered and asked the shop assistant who didn't have a clue who had put these stencils there and also didn't pay them too much attention. I think they are really good. Unfortunately, a part of the last stencil (the guy who is fishing) was a bit covered by a poster.The style looks a bit like Banksy but there was no indication that he left them there.... Any ideas ???

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Anonymous Demente said...

Stencil in Ecuador, www.dementzia.org

5/2/07 03:42  
Blogger Highway Munky said...

I think these stencils have been done by the guerilla street artist Banksy.

20/2/07 11:29  
Blogger MAYA said...

I was thinking that it looks a lot like Banksy but normally he is leaving his signature, no ?

20/2/07 20:27  

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