Sunday, April 01, 2007

More stencils from Zaragoza

Here are some more stencils from Zaragoza, Spain. I think the one from "Einsamkeit" is a stencil artist from Madrid. You can find out more about him on his web: click HERE.
I specially like the one of Trainspotting even though it was a cut out. The phrase on one with the girl means in English: "If you know how to do a cake, then you know how to do a bomb".



Anonymous 157 said...

Nice works and a great blog, congrats

4/4/07 12:29  
Anonymous coolture said...

hey maya!
que tal?

solo para informarte de que hay novedades en Difusor: más artistas, charlas confirmadas y más visuales..

puedes verlas en

un saludo!

14/4/07 19:16  
Blogger Cam BsAs said...

Hola, muy bueno el material del blog. Yo tambien hago stencil, en Buenos Aires.


18/4/07 19:06  

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