Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Whel style from Zaragoza

I found these stencils also during my weekend in Zaragoza. I checked a bit on the internet who Gabriel Miro Salvador was but couldn't find much. Maybe an artist from Zaragoza ? I think all stencils have more or less the same message and are about the "Whel style". If anyone knows something about it, I am happy to receive comments about it !



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I´m from Zaragoza, Gabriel Miró Salvador was a writter from this town, his artistic name was Whel, he died in an accident in 2005 and he was cansidered one of the best doing graffiti. I hope this would help you.

22/9/09 23:34  
Blogger MAYA said...

Many thanks for the explanation ! Saludos a Zaragoza !

23/9/09 19:14  

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