Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thank you !

I would like to thank the unknown stencil artist of the stencil of the world in an eye. I allowed myself to use it as my new logo because I think it fits perfectly to the title of my blog "world of stencils". Everywhere I go, I take my small camera with me in the hope of taking a shot of a good stencil that I can later post on my blog. If anyone knows who is the creater of this stencil, please let me know ! Thanx, Maya



Blogger zamotanaiv said...

Viva! Where did you find the stencil? Was it in Lisboa?

12/11/06 04:02  
Blogger MAYA said...

Yes, it was in Lisboa somewhere in the Bairro Alto. Did you do it ???

12/11/06 10:19  

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