Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lisbon Part III

I still have so many good stencils from Lisbon, so you can be sure to see some more of it soon ! Here some more that I all found in the same spot. I suppose it is the same artist since the style is the same. I suppose the writing that you can see on of them is the signature of the artist but I checked in the internet and could not find anything. It could also be that I didn't really figure out what it says..... "Bime" or something like that ? Any suggestions, my (portuguese) friends ???
........ => thanks to the comment from andrezero, I know now who the artist is ! It is EIME, check out more of his works on and on . Thanks again andrezero !



Blogger andrezero said...

yes, my dear spanish friend!

love to see good photos from lisbon!

these are the works of EIME

is a very hard street-worker, allright..

1/10/06 00:54  
Blogger MAYA said...

Hi André!
Many thanks for your comment, I have just edited my post.
PS: I am German, not Spanish :)

1/10/06 10:33  
Blogger R. Dek said...

Hi Maya!

Great work and nice stuff here!
Ja tvoi sluga Ja tvoi robotnik!

1/10/06 21:24  
Anonymous eime said...

yeah, thanks Maya for the pictures.
The Adamastor wall have works by me and kusca delight, another great portuguese artist.

thanks again and "street your art".
see ya

7/10/06 05:15  

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