Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lisbon Part I

I have just been in Lisbon (Portugal) where I had a great time. It is a wonderful city and I would have liked to spend more time there. Since I started my blog, I have actually never found as many stencils as here ! Mostly in the so-called „Bairro Alto“ where the walls are full of graffiti and where you find stencils at each corner. Since I took so many photos, I will post them in several parts.



Blogger Freostencils said...

Hey nice Blog!

I have visited Barcelona once for a weekend - it was magic. I hope to come again.

It looks like the stencils you have over there are quite incredible.
I am from Western Australia - the art is only just starting here. Have a look at my blog for some stencil photos.


20/7/06 19:31  
Blogger andrezero said...

nice blog, yeah

i live near lisbon and i'm collecting street-art photos from around here... it's funny i had my dinner at bairro lato yesterday but it was nearly dark so i took very few photos...

i'm publishing everything in this website,

but please note, that most of the photos are graffiti because there is tons of it all around

27/7/06 11:50  
Anonymous MISHA said...

Hey, that little tiger dog is MISHA, all other work by PENSAMIENTO LIBRE (, except for the nun, don't realy know who painted that one. Misha and PL copyright HAC family 2006


21/9/06 12:46  
Blogger MAYA said...

Thanks Misha! I will put a new post about the little dog soon !

28/9/06 22:21  

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