Thursday, April 27, 2006

Stencils from Austria

I received these photos from gonzo duke. The stencils are a work of the artist MONSTA and were both done in a small city near Vienna called St. Pölten. Other artists from Austria are sick kid , kinki or labinsac. The last one has a website with some stencils. It is simple but surely worth checking it! (especially the soundtrack!) - check it out here


Anonymous barcelona coolture said...

hi maya

i'm afraid the link's not working... may be it's my computer but could you check it out please?

saludos and thx again!

28/4/06 17:11  
Blogger curryfee said...

Hi, labinsac's new site:

16/2/12 18:48  
Blogger curryfee said...
S his new one....

16/2/12 18:50  
Blogger curryfee said...
this is his new site! enjoy!
greetz. curryfee

26/2/12 17:14  

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