Monday, September 18, 2006

Famous faces

Here are some stencils of famous faces: Jean Reno, Che Guevara, Mohatma Gandhi, John Cleese and Elvis Presley. All apart from the one of Jean Reno were taken in Lisbon. The stencil of Jean Reno is from Barcelona. If you recognize any of the artists, please let me know.

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Blogger K said...

Hi Maya. I don't know about the others but John Cleese is from Devir. He has some great stencils (did you find the belly dancer?) but he’s most known for photographing portuguese street art and for his blog

8/10/06 15:46  
Blogger MAYA said...

Hi K (aka devilspirit)! Thanks a lot for your comment. I actually found a stencil of a belly dancer in Lisbon. I have just posted it on the blog. Maybe it is the one from Devir ???

10/10/06 17:52  
Blogger MAYA said...

I just found out that the one of Che Guevara is also from DEVIR.

12/10/06 13:57  
Anonymous Albert said...

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21/7/09 18:43  

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