Sunday, August 27, 2006

More DOLK stencils in Barcelona

Here some more stencils from the Norwegian artist DOLK that I found in Barcelona. You can read an interview about him (in Spanish as well as in English) on SCHHH's website

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Blogger andrezero said...

really great

not sure, but the robot underneath the dog might me from portuguese artist Skran

15/9/06 01:39  
Anonymous coolture said...

hi andrezero
no, the robot is also from dolk. both robot and dog are just one single stencil

15/9/06 16:44  
Blogger @tone said...

Great shots!
Would you like to see some DOLK in Bergen stencils?

I will soon go out and hunt for some moore. In the last few days some of his stencils have been overpainted here in Bergen.

29/8/07 02:03  
Blogger Arcadia said...

hadnt heard of DOLK before seeing this,great stuff.
just started to blog my own stuff hope you dont mind me putting a link to your blogsite on mine-some great pics you have on here.adios.

12/9/09 13:38  

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