Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Belly dancer from DEVIR

According to a comment I received for the post "famous faces", this stencil of a belly dancer could be a work of the portuguese artist DEVIR. I found it in Lisbon in a rather hidden spot, I think it was in a parking slot. Check out more about him on his blog http://fixacaoproibida.blogspot.com, he is a portuguese street artist and on his blog you can find works done by him as well as by many other artists.

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Blogger K said...

Yes Maya, it's from Devir. (I already answer your mail)

10/10/06 20:05  
Blogger Devir said...

This darking is part of 13 serie of the same dancer stencil. Nice to see it here. Very nice blog.
Normally i sign my work with a running horse that you probably record next to the Dancer, Che Guevara and Mr. Cleese.

Sanks for your fixation. Continue the goOOod work.

T Jah

11/10/06 16:02  
Blogger andrezero said...

sexy belly

17/10/06 11:32  
Anonymous coolture said...

is this in barcelona?

18/10/06 19:38  
Anonymous coolture said...

ah ok lisbon... was reading too quick!

18/10/06 19:39  

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