Sunday, December 02, 2007

Artiste ouvrier & Quasikunst in Hamburg

When we were walking around in Hamburg in Altona, we passed at a garage and I couldn't believe my eyes! Artiste ouvrier, one of my favourite stencil artists had left a stencil collage there together with another artist called quasikunst. I think it was like an advertising for an exhibition in Altona. Unfortunately, it only started the next day and we were leaving and couldn't make it.... As you can see, some stencils where already covered by graffiti tags, it was a shame. To find out more about exhibitions of artiste-ouvrier, click HERE. There is a flickr about the Altona Stencil Art.

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Blogger txmx said...

Ahoy Maya,
yes the Altona Stencil Art (ASA) group is great indeed. They are : artiste ouvrier, PiRho, Anne Pfirsich aka Alba, Quasikunst, dash3ultra.
heres more photos from their latest show @ the B-22 (Hamburg-Altona) :

on page 1
and from the great summer show @ their own place, where your nice photos are from, on page 9. (the garage-door actually is the entrance to their workshop and gallery)

many greetings from Hamburg,

4/12/07 11:18  
Blogger MAYA said...

Many thanks for your comment ! What a shame ! If I had known that I was actually standing in front of their workshop.....! Well, I will be there soon again !

7/12/07 19:57  
Anonymous artiste-ouvrier said...

hello ,aya. back from Ethiopia, i'm glad to see that you still find my steps... th super heroe is from Dash3ultra, the black man from alba or Anne Pfirsich and the Gollum is from Pirho. they're all members of ASA which is the german branch of WCA. Never stop the evolution!!! Wir werden in december auch viel machen. Kommst du für Weihnach?

8/12/07 18:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1/3/08 10:37  

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