Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stencil Nation Book to come out in June 2008 !!!

Russell from stencilarchive is going to publish the so called "Stencil Nation Book" in June 2008 ! It is a collection of photos of stencils from various artists, various parts of the world and much more. I am excited since I could take part as a documentarian and participated with my favourite pics of stencils I took between 2005 and now.

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Blogger K said...

Congratulations!! That’s awesome. How are you sweetie? I have to write you a mail (I think I really owe you one…) since I didn’t answer yet your muchacho request (about the music). And what’s going on in Barcelona? Porto just stopped. I’m going nuts!

BIG KISSES for both of you.

24/11/07 13:23  

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