Tuesday, November 14, 2006

stencils from WCA in Barcelona - part IV

This is the last part of the stencils from the WCA crew artiste-ouvier, is bach and 6lex. I think it is just brilliant. Because it was so big and there are so many details, I took it in several photos. On the first photo you can see the stencil as a whole. See more works from the WCA crew on their fotolog here.

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Anonymous Artiste-Ouvrier said...

Thanks a lot for your very nice picts:) The paradise from El Bosco has been cutted by me at the beginning of the Working Class Artist crew in june 2005. Barcelona was something like 8 months later, our first big wall's experience us three with Is Bach and Alex6lex.

14/11/06 21:33  
Anonymous coolture said...

hi maya!

me alegro que todavia estén porque tal y como está barcelona es raro que las cosas duren más de 2 días... por suerte todavía hay sitios escondidos y.. siempre quedarán las puertas, que eso BCNeta no lo toca..

el muro al que te refieres lo hicimos con btoy, case y olivia en sant adria del besos, hace unas semanas

14/11/06 22:11  

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