Sunday, January 06, 2008

stencils from Barcelona and more

This one is from BtoyThis stencil is from MIR from Norway. He must have done during the days of the Difusor event

If I remember well, I came accross this stencil in AndalucĂ­a, the south of Spain

Here a few stencils that have been in Barcelona for a while, I just never posted them.

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Anonymous docosta said...

hello great blog can you tell me your email adress to sendo you some photos?

my art work

9/1/08 10:38  
Blogger MAYA said...

thanks for your comment on my blog ! You can send me an e-mail to
Are you also doing stencils ?

10/1/08 20:16  
Blogger Devir said...

Always rocking baby... always rocking...

Have a powerfulll & beautiful 2008!

The pretensious saludos from sunny old port!

15/1/08 02:13  
Blogger alx said...

digamos k passei por aki

17/1/08 00:41  
Blogger Dalaiama said...

Congratulations for the blog!
I've just discovered it today and I intend to be coming back!

5/2/08 08:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Blog!

Please check/link:

Greetings from Hamburg,

24/2/08 19:04  
Blogger Dalaiama said...

I hope you haven't given up this nice blog!...

6/3/08 18:58  

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