Saturday, September 01, 2007

2 great stencils from Paris

A very good friend of mine (and who is becoming a very good photographer !) has been to Paris recently and sent me these two stencils. I think they are really good !
The first one with the girl is from Pixel Parazit (see the PP signature in the left corner) who was actually also at the Difusor.
The one of Hitchcock is from Jeff Aerosol. On the sign that Hitchcock holds it actually says "H5N1", the symbol for the bird flu...
You can take a look at my friends fotolog here.

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Blogger mikel falcon said...

Gracias a tu blog, al de Difusor
comienzo a comprender y hacerme una idea de las maneras de pintar stencils o "showcasing" en Barcelona.Haces un gran trabajo de investigación y aportas datos muy interesantes. Tengo un blog dónde puedes encontrar "stencils" más caseros y sencillos. Puedo aportar material inédito a tu blog. Sólo soy un aficionado vasco que ha hecho 2500
fotos de stencils y graffiti Barcelona en el 2007.Gracias por tu trabajo

3/9/07 09:29  
Blogger Daniel Ted said...

I always feel good upon seeing great works of art.

4/9/07 09:23  
Blogger wayne said...

awesome work

12/9/07 12:24  
Blogger 艾迪 said...

Great extract.

18/9/07 00:19  

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