Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ripo at the Difusor

Correction: This one here is actually from "creadores invisibles
" from Malaga (southern Spain) !!!!

Left is actually a stencil from RaspouTeam from France

Ripo, a guy from New York, did some really good stencils at the Difusor. In Barcelona and it seems in other European cities as well, he painted small mirrors with stencils and put them on the facades of the houses, looks really good. But more about this later... first comes the photos from the Difusor!

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Blogger RIPO said...

hey, thanks for posting those pics. The ones of the face with the arrows coming out arent mine though! dont know who did them. get in touch

29/8/07 17:33  
Anonymous deincognito said...

hello, so it was me with friends, the "creadores invisibles collective", who have done that face with arrows, the "sauvage laugh" we called.
More photos by us could be seen in

check them out and write us something about you...or your thoughts

...and you will find us in the streets and places around Malaga( Andalusia- southern Spain) .....

12/9/07 02:09  

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