Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stencils from Dublin - part I

So, last week I went to Dublin in Ireland and have been in fact lucky to find some stencils there ! They were not really all over the place and you really had to look out for them.
The ones above were all on a wall at the beginning of a street on the other side of the Customs House. Most of them consist of a message that makes you think....
More to come!



Blogger K said...

I’m so glad you found some stencils! I know what it is to search for them… ;)

I like the big one, the stencil lettering.


14/12/06 15:50  
Anonymous UrbanMinds said...

Glad to see that u been runni'n around the world catching GREAT stencils. Haven't been here for a while so lots of great pics to see. Keep em commin...

and....for all u money bosses out there we don't want your coins we want CHANGE


20/12/06 04:04  

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