Monday, July 14, 2008

Check out Ripo's new website

Hi stencil and streetart-lovers !!!

Ripo is back from his South Central Tour and has updated his website ! You can find loads of new curious stuff there and can also check out again his great tour that lasted for more than 4 months!

Check out his website on

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Blogger Frank said...

Very Good!!!
Please add me to you link list !
Thanks !!!

3/8/08 22:17  
Blogger DEE a.k.a. SIRDEE a.k.a. Uncle Sirdee said...

hi man... stencil from italy...

see my new page... soon new pics..

your's cool blog...



9/8/08 19:32  
Blogger Frank said...

Sos Groso, sabelo! -
Transitivo -
Remodelacion BBB -
Exordium -
Ink on the Wall -

22/8/08 12:10  

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