Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stencil mix from the Difusor

Epsylon point from France
The walls were literally covered with stencils !!!

I am not sure if this is from mosko et associés. Does anybody know ? => thanks to a comment from artiste-ouvrier, I found out that it is from EZP from Paris !!!!
la belette from Paris

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Anonymous artiste-ouvrier said...

salut maya. Le Ganesh est de EZP. Il a un fotolog... bises de Paris.

15/10/07 09:30  
Anonymous artistou said...

bonjour Maya le Ganesh est de EZP (Paris) il a un fotolog...

19/10/07 13:28  
Blogger MAYA said...

Merci pour l'info! Je viens de le changer. bises de Barcelone, Maya

19/10/07 21:21  

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