Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hard times for stencil artists in Barcelona

The last days I was walking through the streets of Barcelona, my camera in my bag, and watching out for some stencils. The mayor of Barcelona has introduced the so-called "Ordenanza de medidas para formentar y garantizar la convivencia ciuadadana". In the wider sense, this is a bunch of measures to make life safer and better for all the citizens in Barcelona. Amongst other issues it also forbids to paint graffities and stencils on public walls. So, the last weeks, workers from Barcelona had the task to clean or paint over all graffities and stencils from public walls, and I have to say, they did their job really well. Barcelona has always been full of stencils but now you hardly find one and for artists it is much harder to put a new one.
But I hope you don't feel intimidated by this. Keep up the good work and make our life more interesting !!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's really bad, many street art disapeared when city states decide to do that "cleaning"..bahhhh

Urbanminds,(street art portugal)

10/2/06 06:42  

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