Saturday, November 26, 2005

Greetings from Dr. Hofmann

This is a work from a stencil artist who signs his stencils with Dr. Hoffman. Find out more about him on his website
I saw this stencil in Barcelona, you can still recognise a bit his signature below it.



Blogger Peazo invento la gaseosa said...

I've got a variation of this stencil at my flickr page, see more

26/12/05 20:19  
Blogger MAYA said...

I've just taken a look at your flickr and noticed that you also have quite a few stencils from Barcelona. I get most of them in the Borne (at the moment there are some superb ones from Do you know where else in Barcelona you can find as many stencils as in the Borne ?

28/12/05 18:57  

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